God created a special garden based on truth, integrity, honor, safety, and innocence. He called it Eden. It is on these same concepts and honest truths that the Eden Foundation is being birthed. These elementary principles in concert with the integration of culture, vocational education, art appreciation, and broad based liberal studies programs will be the catalyst transforming and integrating the emergence of "true community".

Coincedentally, there is much new activity in this area promoting community and the development of its children. The Eden Foundation is located in the heart of the city. Within a three block radius of Eden one can find the Millenium Center, the Public Health Department, the Patriots' Gateway Center, and even City Hall.

The many programs offered at the Eden Foundation broaden the character of all who participate, whether benefactor, volunteer, or student. This process takes place through extended hands and unity of purpose. This purpose is simple: to give young people, regardless of their financial position or background the opportunity to grow and mature into cultured and educated little ladies and gentlemen. In a matter of speaking the Eden Foundation is a privately funded finishing school right in the middle of a place and time where there is so much that has been left and is being left unfinished.

As the days pass, you will see links come live on this page, and the full story of Eden unfold and bloom fully. In the meantime if you have any questions or insights, please feel free to e.mail us here: founders@edenfound.org

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In the early 1850's the Seminary Corridor - in and around 3rd Street and Haight Village - was one of Rockford's most glorious places to live and raise children. Today, one can find one abandoned home after another boarded-up because of neglect, gang activity and apathy.

Eden is located on the site of the historical Woodruff estate. Few people know the story of Gilbert Woodruff and his many contributions to the founding of Rockford. Noteably, Woodruff was instrumental in bringing to Rockford the railroad, and founding Rockford Furniture Co., Rockford Insurance Co., and Rockford National Bank.

Woodruff was one of the most loved, benevolent and respected founders of this city. We are blessed to be able to give his estate back to the children of this city with the same passion with which he gave for so many years before us.